Let the celebration start….

The expressive eyes, the magical expression, the mesmerizing smile, the dimple chins, and the chubby cheek … are the sweetness of childhood which gives us pleasure in capturing than anything else because they define the little baby’s personality. As they grow, they crawl and take the first step, speaks the first word from goo goo gaa gaa to mamma, pappa gives joy which is the most precious gift these are few reasons we love what we do.

We capture these stories not only for parents but also for the family members that will follow many years from now.

By the time they come back to celebrate their kids First Birthday, the baby would be turned into a jovial, playful and free-spirited toddler. It’s so pleasantly surprising and an absolute thrill to have them return to us and to see how much the baby has changed in that first year, time just flies.

Cake smash time! 

LittleOne’s are always excited about trying anything new and when it’s as yummy as a cake it is more than just excitement. A cake smash session involves the LittleOne ‘smashing up’ a beautifully baked cake in celebration of all-important milestone and developments the baby has gone through the first year.

Its most fascinating when the LittleOne gets well just loves the cake and truly stuck into the cake. We cannot just wait but start snapping pictures and recording all the fun and the mess.

What to expect during a cake smash session…

Before starting off with the cake and digging into it, we usually start with us photography the baby dressed in the cute outfit. We suggest parents to bring their own dresses matching to the theme.

According to the theme we would have selected a colorful backdrop and created accessories for the shoot, such as bunting, balloons, paper fans or paper flowers etc. We usually prefer to work on a theme that the child enjoys and loves, toys or other accessories can be added up to the shoot as well.

We allow the baby to first settle and get used to us, and the flashing of the lights before starting to smash the cake.

Few of the first shot would be baby with the background and setup, as we know this setup would not remain the same in a few minutes from now.

Then the time comes, the cake is revealed. Made to order and to less with sugar, usually sat upon a cake stand.

Most often or sometimes not, the LittleOne is reluctant at first as they are not usually encouraged to make a mess with food. Some would not want to get messy, and some before even we realized the cake is smashed into peace and it is all over.

A bit of cheering from the parents can always bring out the best out of the session.

It’s messy, it is unpredictable, and it’s hilarious to watch!

A cake smash session can truly be a multi-sensory experience!

It’s Ibbani Studio’s Anniversary!!!


We are celebrating this by offering CakeSmash experience in MiniSessions to the little one’s out there who love cake as much as we do!

Watch your little one explore new tastes and textures as they tuck into a delicious homemade creamy cake! The result. Stunning, cute and fun photographs that truly capture your little one’s personality at that moment in time!

Cake Smash Photo Shoot has to be the most fun photoshoot to be a part of. Let’s face it all babies love to explore, this is the perfect way to celebrate their first birthday in style!

Only at Rs. 7000! Setup is pictured above! The setup will be the same (different cake of course). 30 min sessions, 15 Digital Images & a Mini Accordion Book. Spots will go fast!!!
Come join the fun!

The mini session is scheduled from 15th  to 31st August 2019, so please make sure the winner redeemed within these dates. The session includes 30 min sessions, customized cake, 15 Digital Images & a Mini Accordion Book.

Come Let’s celebrate…!


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